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Printed self-adhesive labels

  • Printed in the flexo UV and digital Ink-Jet UV technology

  • Photographic print quality and reproducibility of colour

  • High mechanical and chemical durability of print

  • Finished with coating, laminating, gilding, printing on adhesive etc.

  • Own DTP studio adapting graphic designs to a particular technology

Special offer

The execution of short series of labels printed digitally and cutting them with the use of a laser beam, without the need for expensive die cuts. It is a particularly attractive offer for one-time series of e.g. promotional labels, or in a case of very difficult, unusual shapes. We offer to prepare short prototype series of cut labels before starting the proper order. 



Blanco labels

  • For individual thermo-transfer or laser print

  • Traditional cutting by means of punching dies

  • Laser cutting; especially of shorter series, unusual shapes and prototypes (without the cost of the tool)

  • Labels made of any adhesive materials (paper, film: PE, PP, PET, PVC, PI)

  • Multistage cutting – from two sides of the raw material, with perforation etc.

  • Selection of thermal transfer ribbons and printers for specified labels




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